ImFusion Suite

Discover our software for medical image analysis

Base ImFusion Suite is a visual computing software for medical image analysis focused on high-performance and versatility. As a standalone software, provides high-performance visualization and processing of 2D, 3D and 4D medical data sets paired with user-friendly and versatile interactions. With a particular focus on efficient implementations on both CPU and GPU, it features a broad variety of state-of-the-art algorithms including image reconstruction, registration, segmentation and machine learning. It can be enhanced and customized by adding a variety of modules tailored towards a broad range of medical questions. With our comprehensive, product-grade software development kit, you can develop custom applications and modules.

ImFusion Suite has been designed for engineers and researchers looking for a powerful toolbox of complex algorithms. It has not only been successfully applied in a number of academic publications both in-house and from other labs, but is also driving a growing number of medical products.

ImFusion Suite is currently not certified as a medical product, i.e. it has neither FDA approval nor does it bear a CE marking and must not be used for diagnostic purposes. For customers planning to use features of our software as part of their own medical product, we offer services for providing the necessary documentation for certification.

Have a look at the tutorials and feature videos to learn about a few of the exciting features which are available in the software.

Core Features

  • All modalities, 2D/3D/4D single- or multi-channel images, including timestamps, tracking information and live streaming supported
  • Comprehensive file format support: DICOM (including PACS), MetaImage, NIFTI, PNG/TIFF/JPEG, AVI, PLY, OBJ and many more
  • State-of-the-art real-time visualization supporting Global Illumination and Order-independent Transparency
  • Blending and fusion of any number of 2D/3D image and geometry data
  • Flexible view layout and rendering options
  • Support for real-time masks and deformation fields
  • Own XML-based workspaces, allowing for reproducible processing and display
  • Workspaces can be automatically executed on a batch of datasets
  • Standalone console application (without GUI) able to run workspaces
  • Interactive registration with landmarks
  • Automatic image-based registration supporting rigid, affine and deformable models
  • Efficient GPU implementation of many mono- and multi-modal similarity metrics
  • Machine Learning-based automatic initialization
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  • Rich toolset for manual labeling of 2D and 3D data sets
  • Semi-automatic segmentation of any anatomy in 2D and 3D
  • Tight integration with machine learning modules
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Available Modules

  • High-quality live compounding of tracked freehand ultrasound data
  • 3D reconstruction of untracked data
  • Algorithms for precise calibration and registration
  • Simulation of ultrasound from CT and MRI
  • Deformation models for applying or compensating for tissue compression and multi-sweep stiching
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  • Native integration of deep learning libraries for real-time inference
  • Image segmentation and classification in 2D and 3D
  • Landmark detection in 2D and 3D
  • Data augmentation algorithms
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  • X-ray preprocessing and correction pipeline
  • Geometric calibration of CBCT systems
  • High-level 2D/3D registration workflow
  • GPU-based CT reconstruction
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  • Surface-to-surface and surface-to-volume (CT, MR) registration
  • Endoscopic (stereo) reconstruction and camera tracking
  • Advanced surface processing and editing
  • Combined surface and volume visualization
  • Native integration of RGB-D sensors (e.g. Intel RealSense) and industrial sensors (Zivid, Photoneo)
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  • Seamless integration of tracking and robotic systems for interventional navigation
  • Native support for robots from Franka Emika, Universal Robots, and more
  • Extensive streaming and robotics SDK for integration of custom hardware
  • Bi-directional communication with OpenIGTLink, ROS and MoveIt!
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  • Fast localization, classification and segmentation of vertebrae, sacrum and ilium on CT and MRI
  • Flexible representation of the full spine
  • Spine-to-spine registration, including an idealized spine representation for change quantification
  • Vertebra dissection using a definable template
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Try it out !

  • The demo version of the ImFusion Suite is available for free for non-commercial use on Windows, Ubuntu, and MacOS.

    You can use the full functionality of the Base ImFusion Suite limited for 14 days of usage. This includes importing all supported images, the full visualization capabilities of the software, running registration and interactive segmentation on any of your data, and more.


Unlock all features

  • By purchasing the ImFusion Suite software, you gain access to single and multi-modality registration, segmentation toolbox, import and export of DICOM files, folders and PACS server integration, as well as a Python interface

    More specialized plugins can be purchased separately depending on your needs.

    We also provide documentation, limited support and free updates for one year.


Create your own application

  • The SDK version gives you access to a full C++ software development kit based on the ImFusion Suite. This means that you can either write your own plugins for the ImFusion Suite, or integrate our framework components into your application.

    This version also comes with support, helping you to leverage the full capabilities of our framework.