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Happy Holidays 2022

❄️🎄🎁 Happy Holidays to all our customers, partners and colleagues. Thank you for your support in 2022 and celebrating our 10 year anniversary with us! Looking forward to a happy, healthy and successful new year. 🎁🎄❄️

Meet us @ MICCAI 2022

ImFusion will be at MICCAI 2022 in Singapore, September 18-22! We’re looking forward to welcoming you at our booth and presentations. 🤝 Meet our team and learn more about our Medtech range of products. We’ll give a live demo of US registration at the workshop "ASMUS: Advances in Simplifying Medical UltraSound" on September 18, 8AM to 3PM SGT. See you there✨🚀

Meet us @ OTWorld 2022

Curious to know about our latest body scanning solutions and RecFusion 3D scanning software? You don’t want to miss the opportunity to join our CTO Alexander Ladikos and Olga Gavranovic at OTWorld 2022, 12th of May 2022

Expert talk for's Makeathon Deep Dive Days

Yesterday, our Head of ML Raphael gave an expert talk for's Makeathon Deep Dive Days. In case you missed it, you can still view the recording of Raphael and other experts on Youtube:

He is in good company. Other expert talks were given by Muneer Ahmad Dedmari (NetApp), Mehdiyar Haschemi & Èric Lluch Alvarez (Siemens Healthineers), Cecilia Carbonelli & Nico Kelling & Lorenzo Servadei (Infineon Technologies), Fabian Schmich & Nadja Christine Schäfer (Roche), Jonas Körner (Deloitte)

Raphael shared our experience as a young and growing R&D consulting company: How to conduct R&D efficiently with machine learning? What are the main challenges in integrating and productizing AI-based algorithms? In a time when most problems are being solved with deep learning, how can we differentiate ourselves from start-ups, open source software and research labs? He also presented some concrete examples of innovative R&D projects at ImFusion, e.g. improving clinical workflow with 3D ultrasound imaging amongst other.

Happy Holidays

🌟🎄☃️ Happy Holidays to all our customers, partners and colleagues. Thank you for the inspiring projects, your support and friendship in 2021! Looking forward to a happy, healthy and successful new year. ☃️🎄🌟

Meet us @ MICCAI 2021

Don't miss out on our paper presentation ”Adversarial Domain Feature Adaptation for Bronchoscopic Depth Estimation” at MICCAI 2021! Join our Research Engineer Mert Karaoglu on Thursday, September 30 at 10:00 - 11:30 CEST at Session-1!

Meet us @ MICCAI 2020

Our CEO Wolfgang Wein is excited to present our paper on "3D thyroid reconstruction from 2D ultrasound" at the MICCAI conference 2020! On Tuesday Oct 6, from 6:30-8pm CEST he'll be presenting and answering all your questions. The full presentation is available on demand if you're registered for the conference.

Meet us @ GTC 2020

As ImFusion is member of Nvidia's inception program, our CEO Wolfgang Wein will give a talk about "Visual Computing in Medicine: From the Operating Room to the Cloud" at the GTC 2020. Vene after tehe conference the talk will be available on demand. Check it out here..

RecFusion 2.0 released

A new version of our 3D scanning software RecFusion is now available. The new features include high-quality texture mapping and support for the Kinect Azure. Download the free demo here.

Meet us @ IEEE VIS 2019

Our colleague Christian Schulte zu Berge is travelling to Vancouver, Canada and will be attending the IEEE VIS 2019 conference.

For more details, get in touch to arrange a meeting.

Meet us @ MICCAI 2019

Our colleagues Oliver Zettinig and Marco Esposito are travelling to Shenzhen and will be attending the MICCAI 2019 conference.

We are also co-organizing the SUSI 2019 workshop, don't forger to stop by to learn about the latest advances in ultrasound imaging!

For more details get in touch to arrange a meeting.

Invited Talk at the 2019 VCBM Conference

Our CEO Wolfgang Wein is giving an invited talk at the 2019 VCBM conference (Brno, Czech Republic) on Friday 6th September.

Title: Visual computing for advanced image-guided interventions and image reconstruction

Both ever-increasing computing power as well as data availability benefit the medical imaging domain, however, they have to be carefully paired with methodological advancements. For one, more powerful real-time image processing enables image-guided interventions in previously too difficult scenarios. Also, 3D medical image reconstruction from raw measurement data can be done with more and more realistic modeling of the underlying imaging physics, as well as sophisticated organ- and application-specific prior models. Such reconstruction methods are then increasingly tailored for specific clinical requirements, and directly involve the extraction of content rather than display of images only. This talk first highlights some emerging applications of ultrasound image guidance and their enabling technologies. It then connects with advanced physics-based reconstruction from both ultrasonic and X-Ray imaging data, and the emerging role of deep learning in all of this. The presentation concludes by listing major trends and challenges ahead, as well as discussing business aspects of innovation in the medical device sector.

Meet us @ GTC 2019

California here we come: see you at NVIDIA's famous tech conference GTC 2019 in Silicon Valley!

Come listen to our talk "Shaping the future of Medical Ultrasound Imaging with Deep Learning and GPU computing" on Wed, March 20 at 3pm by Raphael Prevost.

Register here.

Meet us @ ECR 2019

We're looking forward to our visit at ECR2019, the Annual Meeting of the European Society of Radiology in Vienna next weekend and discovering the latest innovations in #radiology and #medicaltech.

Get in touch to arrange a meeting with our CEO Wolfgang Wein.

Thank you for attending our Meet-Up!

We had a successful Meet-up night at Klinikum Rechts der Isar full of interesting and inspiring talks, delicious food and exciting demos. Thanks to all organizers and attendees! Check out the talk of our colleague Raphael in a live video.

We're part of the NVIDIA Inception Program

Inception’s mission is to support companies that are revolutionizing industries with advances in artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science. Designed as a virtual accelerator program, it assists members during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. We're proud to be a part of it!

H2020 Fast-track to Innovation grant for tomographic ultrasound solution

A €2.1m European grant (H2020 Fast-track to Innovation) has been awarded to a consortium composed of IVS Limited (Manchester, UK), piur Imaging GmbH (Vienna, Austria),ImFusion (Munich, Germany) and ACMIT GmbH (Vienna, Austria). The goal of this project is to make vascular imaging more affordable and safer for patients through an innovative tomographic ultrasound solution that produces three-dimensional diagnostic information.

More details about the projects can be found on the official website of the project.

Two papers accepted at MICCAI 2017

We are happy and proud to announce that our two submissions to MICCAI 2017 have been accepted ! MICCAI is one of the most renowned conferences on medical image computing. Our two papers are entitled:
  • Deep Learning for Sensorless 3D Freehand Ultrasound Imaging
  • Precise Ultrasound Bone Registration with Learning-based Segmentation and Speed of Sound Calibration