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A robotics toolbox for advanced research and innovative products

The ImFusion Robotics and ROS plugins enable you to create bleeding-edge robotic applications - without trade-offs between development speed, performance, and reliability.
Our modern, consistent APIs allow to quickly build complex workflows with low development and maintenance effort. Our high-quality software components implement state-of-the-art methods, providing a solid baseline and strong platform for scientific research. At the same time, they can be rapidly tailored and included into certified medical devices.
The Robotics plugin provides a solid, comprehensive and customisable environment:
  • Intuitive GUI and C++ API for motion planning and execution
  • Native, ROS-free integration with Franka Emika and Universal Robots devices
  • Fast integration of custom end effectors
  • Simple handling of multi-robot scenarios
  • Convenient framework for the integration of custom robots and control strategies
  • Interactive hand-eye calibration utility
  • Easy combination with the whole ImFusion portfolio for surgical navigation, freehand ultrasound, RGBD reconstruction, and more
The ROS plugin gives you the best of ROS, with added convenience:
  • Fast installation: no previous ROS installation required
  • ROS1/2 agnostic API: code once, run everywhere
  • Windows support: double-click on our installer, and access all of ROS and MoveIt!
  • Deep integration: connect ImFusion Streams to ROS topics and tf, import and export rosbags, start a ROS1 master, ...
  • MoveIt! connection: plan and execute motions for an external MoveIt! instance from the ImFusion GUI or C++ SDK
OS ROS1 Noetic ROS2 Foxy ROS2 Humble
Ubuntu 22.04
Ubuntu 20.04