ImFusion is an ISO 13485 certified company offering consulting, R&D, and software solutions in advanced medical image computing, machine learning, and computer vision. We are the ideal partner for complex projects, enabling rapid innovation and faster time-to-market.

  • ImFusion SDK, standard-defining high-performance medical image computing platform
  • Platform-independent C++ with heavy GPU acceleration and extensive Python bindings
  • Basis for many CE- and FDA-approved medical systems
  • Front-end software ImFusion Suite, a powerful visual computing user interface
  • AI labeling tool ImFusion Labels with unique interactive 3D and 4D features
  • Support for QM and regulatory processes for medical device certification

Discover our powerful platform for medical image analysis focused on high performance and versatility.

Select the platform that best suits your use case:

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Create your own product grade software

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Leverage our python bindings for research and prototyping

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Basic functionality also available in the browser

Use the ImFusion Suite application to access all SDK functionality for visual computing and rapid prototyping.

Screenshot ImFusion Suite