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Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) is one of the few imaging modalities that allows for non-invasive in-vivo insight into tissue microstructure and is particularly common in brain/neuro applications. The ImFusion DTI plugin enables the user to load and process diffusion-weighted MR images and provides state-of-the-art algorithms for visual exploration and analysis of such data.

The ImFusion DTI toolbox offers the following features:

  • Loading of DW-MRI volume sets, annotating volumes with gradient directions
  • Fast analytic fitting of diffusion tensors to the DW-MRI data
  • Computation of eigenvectors, eigenvalues, and various anisotropy measures
  • GPU-accelerated real-time fiber tracking
  • State-of-the art visualization of fiber tractography

Multi-modal rendering showing a co-registered CR-MRI data set, including a segmented brain tumor and DTI fiber tractography.