ImFusion Suite

Discover our software for medical image analysis

Core Features

  • Supported Data: 2D/3D/4D single or muti-channels images, as well as videos
  • Modalities: CT, CBCT, MRI, ultrasound, others/secondary storage
  • DICOM (single- and multi-frame files, graphical browser, DICOMDIR, PACS connectivity)
  • Main Formats: MetaImage (mhd, mha), NIFTI, 16-bit PNG/TIFF/JPEG, etc.
  • Tool dialog to load raw binary files with arbitrary type and dimension
  • OpenIGTLink Integration
  • 3D Surface meshes (STL, PLY, OBJ) and point clouds
  • Standard and oblique multi-planar reformatting (MPR)
  • Fast GPU shaded multi volume rendering, including DRR, MIP, iso-surface modes
  • Customizable curved planar reformatting/panorama views
  • Support for image masks and deformation fields
  • Flexible view layouts including side-by-side for fusion, larger focus view
  • Blending and fusion of arbitrary 2D and 3D/4D image data from different modalities
  • Annotations natively residing in 3D coordinates (labels, lines, angles, curves, meshes etc.)
  • Own XML-based workspaces, allowing for reproducible processing and display
  • Workspaces can be automatically executed on a batch of datasets
  • Standalone console application (without GUI) able to run workspaces
  • Interactive registration with landmarks, visual superimposition, side-by-side, transformation editor
  • Automatic image-based registration with rigid, affine and free-form deformation models
  • Efficient GPU implementation of standard similarity measures (SAD, SSD, Mutual Information, Cross-Correlation, Local Cross-Correlation)
  • Our signature multi-modal registration (CT, MRI, US) with 3D patch-based LC2 similarity
  • Fast and global distance volume based surface registration
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  • Manual multi-labeling of 2D and 3D data sets
  • Thresholding methods, Connected component analysis, Fast marching
  • Graph-based semi-automatic segmentation of any anatomy in 2D or 3D, iterative refinement
  • Segmentation refinement with image matting
  • Dedicated segmentation algorithms (e.g.tubular structures, wires, surfaces)
  • Smart-spline interactive curve fitting
  • Export segmentation results as binary masks, contours, meshes with chosen smoothing
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  • Deep Learning library integration for neural network training and deployment
  • Powerful Random Forest implementation with features computed on-the-fly
  • Support for 2D/3D and multi-channel images
  • Classification and regression models, both pixel-wise and image-wise
  • Toolset for easy and efficient data annotation
  • Integration with registration/segmentation algorithms, allowing powerful automated workflows
  • Interactive image features editor to assemble learning-based algorithms on arbitrary data
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Specialized Plugins

  • High-quality live compounding of tracked freehand ultrasound data
  • Image-based algorithm for precise sensor-to-probe calibration and registration
  • Extended field-of-view ultrasound reconstruction from matrix-array volumes
  • Simulation of ultrasound from CT or MRI, including refraction, speckle and other physical properties
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  • Fast iterative reconstruction on the GPU, including ROI/truncation handling, statistical priors
  • Tools for both geometric and radiometric cone-beam device calibration
  • Automatic detection of unexpected patient or device motion, compensation in reconstruction
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  • Real-time GPU-based reconstruction of surfaces, e.g. patient torso/extremities from depth sensors
  • Mesh post-processing for 3D printing (closing holes, reducing mesh complexity, ...)
  • Multi-sensor support for instant whole-object acquisition
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