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Invited Talk at the 2019 VCBM Conference

Our CEO Wolfgang Wein is giving an invited talk at the 2019 VCBM conference (Brno, Czech Republic) on Friday 6th September.

Title: Visual computing for advanced image-guided interventions and image reconstruction

Both ever-increasing computing power as well as data availability benefit the medical imaging domain, however, they have to be carefully paired with methodological advancements. For one, more powerful real-time image processing enables image-guided interventions in previously too difficult scenarios. Also, 3D medical image reconstruction from raw measurement data can be done with more and more realistic modeling of the underlying imaging physics, as well as sophisticated organ- and application-specific prior models. Such reconstruction methods are then increasingly tailored for specific clinical requirements, and directly involve the extraction of content rather than display of images only. This talk first highlights some emerging applications of ultrasound image guidance and their enabling technologies. It then connects with advanced physics-based reconstruction from both ultrasonic and X-Ray imaging data, and the emerging role of deep learning in all of this. The presentation concludes by listing major trends and challenges ahead, as well as discussing business aspects of innovation in the medical device sector.